Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health problems can affect anyone. One in four of us will be diagnosed with some kind of mental health problem at some time during our lives.

Every year around 250,000 people in the UK reach a point where they will have to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital because of their mental health issues.


This course is an introduction to mental health issues for staff working in a health and social care setting or associated settings. Its aim is to enhance knowledge and understanding of mental ill health and some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions. The course will give candidates an insight into how these conditions can affect a person,s day to day life and how these conditions can be successfully managed.

On completion of this course the candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of mental health and the potential causes of mental health distress.
  • Be able to identify arrange of common mental health conditions and describe how these can affect people,s lives.
  • Understand the potential causes or risk factor associated with these conditions.
  • Be able to explain ways in which these mental health conditions
  • Define what is meant by “mental health” and” mental ill health”.
  • Understand the concept of Recovery and what it means for each person on their own personal recovery journey.